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Hand & Wrist Pain

Physiotherapist Dee Why

Your hand is made up of a complicated group of joints (wrist, hand, thumb and fingers), plus all of the tendons, muscles and nerves.

Pain can be divided up into the hand itself - commonly referred pain from higher up the limb, or in the wrist. Normally pain is acute, from some sort of fall or trauma, or chronic from an overuse or longstanding injury. 


Common Hand Complaints Include:​

Wrist pain is also common and can be as a result of sports injuries, work injuries or simple everyday arm use. Wrist pain can be caused by local muscle, tendon or joint injury or can be referred from your neck joints or a trapped nerve.

Wrist pain and injury respond favourably to physiotherapy when early treatment is sought. If you have any concerns in relation to your hand or wrist please call us on 9982 6555.

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