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Now known as "Clinical Exercise Classes"

All too often we see patients improve whilst under our care, but then only to go down hill again once they've stopped coming….mainly because they stop working on their exercises! 


Introducing our “PILATES CLASSES" (technical name Clinical Exercise Class)


Our classes will be run by our Physiotherapists to help keep you moving, get you active again or guide you through the final stages of rehab.

(how often do you say, ill do it later…and later never comes!)


These classes are designed specifically for you… people who want to get moving, participate in safe and tolerable exercises (without injuring themselves) or patients who no longer need hands on care from us, but do need to continue with ‘something’ so that injury does not return

Or lets face it.. an excuse to have a chat! 


We will use a variety of equipment, with the latest exercise techniques, to help improve your flexibility and strength. 


Whether you are a highly tuned athlete or just find your injury is impeding on your every day life, everyone can learn and get something out of our group rehab classes.















Some Common Questions:


*Why are they no longer called Pilates classes? 

Health Fund changes over the last 12 months mean that Pilates can no longer be claimed for under Private Health Insurance,  however “Clinical Exercise Classes” can be. 

Therefore, if you are wanting a rebate from your PHF we need to call them this from here on in. 


*What does this mean for how the class is run?


The class structure and involvement is the same, it just means we have to do a few more backend things, like regular assessments and keeping notes, to ensure we’re compliant. (So realistically just more work for us)! 


What is involved in the classes?

Our classes will be tailored to YOU, and your specific problem(s). 

They are not limited to using just Pilates exercises, but a full range of varying exercises. 

The classes will be run as a group Physiotherapy session, with individual assessments and goals continuously re-addressed. 


Why the change then?

Really…who knows? Health Funds are trying to weed out Pilates Studios over claiming for Pilates, with no proof of improvement in outcomes. Pilates itself is now no longer covered by PHI.

But the main thing to remember is… 

When a Physio is delivering a rehab session to a patient - its Physio. Not Personal training. 

When a Physio shows a patient a stretch - its Physio. Not Yoga. 

When a Physio uses Pilates exercises as part of their treatment - its Physio. 


So now… Who’s ready to join us?


Please Click Here for more info - We will send through a copy of the Timetable & Costs if your interested. 


Or if you have any further questions please contact us here.

* We do also offer 1 on 1 functional exercise's if you are interested please let us know. 

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Physio Dee Why, Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, Physio Pelvic floor, Physio Dee Why pre natal, Dee Why Physio, Physio Dee Why Pelvic Floor
Physio Dee Why, Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, Physio Pelvic floor, Physio Dee Why pre natal, Dee Why Physio, Physio Dee Why Pelvic Floor
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