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Braces & Casting

Physiotherapist Dee Why 

Here at O'Neill & Pross we offer a range of immobilisation services.

Most commonly moon boots, plaster, braces, and splints.

Casting and splinting are the commonly rendered non-surgical treatment options for injuries related to the bones and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments), which helps to stabilize fractures and reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.


These boots are designed to stabilise any complaints of the foot or leg. 

We stock a range of Moon Boots & Walkers to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. We predominately use these boots to support immobilisation post fracture, sprain or surgery. 


Casting is the most effective way to immobilize skeletal fractures, which normally normally require around 6 weeks of immobilization. 

Our plastering service not only ensures that your fracture can be stabilised and your pain reduced immediately, but can save you hours of waiting at hospital.

We offer acute fracture plaster backslabs, fibreglass/plaster casting, waterproof casting and a variety of braces.

Exos Braces: 

Exos braces are the new alternative to conventional casting. It is a brace that can be removable, adjustable, and waterproof for the treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring immobilisation.

The Exos brace is custom fit to you, but can be easily removed throughout the healing process to examine the site, range of motion, skin cleaning and sawless removal. 

Knee Splints:

We also have a range of knee splints, including ROM immobilisers, patella tendon straps, knee protectors etc. 

Choice of cast material or brace will normally be decided upon by the practitioner at the time of consultation, but if you need to purchase independent of consultation please feel free to contact us. 

  • We do offer all of these (except EXOS braces) on a FOR HIRE or FOR SALE basis. 

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