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Are you getting the most out of your healthfund?

Do you often ask yourself what you actually benefit from being in a private healthfund? As April 1st rolls around each year, private healthfund premiums increase - How they get away with that who knows? I've had many patients come in lately who ask that tired old question - what do I actually get from my healthfund? Well with the start of Winter sport upon us I have a great deal for you - especially HCF members read closely! *If your a current HCF member your next visit (whether your first or third or one hundredth) is absolutely FREE! Yes you read correctly - FREE!

But wait if your not with HCF, (cause lets face it there's about a thousand private health funds to choose from now), but still want a great deal? *All you have to do is mention this email (so i know people are actually reading what i blab on about) & your NEXT visit will also be at a greatly discounted price! (but remember to mention this at your time of booking!! ) So in light of having to pay higher premiums very shortly, at least as you look at your next credit card statement you'll now be able to answer that old question at least once! :) Keira x

(Please note: This is only valid if your covered for physiotherapy on your extras) *Bookings only can be made with Keira at times available

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